Affordable and Interactive Online English Lessons for Kids

A lifetime of


in speaking English


ESL teachers with Bachelor and Master degrees

  ✓ Years of experience

7 years of experience in teaching children online

  ✓ Fully gamified

curriculum with a high level of interactivity and real video games

  ✓ CLIL method

where English is taught through other subjects and language skills


online English lessons and workshops with kids since 2015!

Alice is a preschool teacher and an English teacher who specialized in teaching young learners. She has a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education and TEYL. Laura has a Bachelor’s degree in Chinese Language and Literature and a 180 hour TEFL diploma for teaching English!

How do we teach?

By using themes your child selects

With a lot of dramatization

Through storytelling and games

By focusing on communicative
grammar learning

Two types of classroom: Interactive classroom & game classroom

Level 1: ELLoquent interactive classroom

Level 2: ELLoquent game classroom

What do parents and children say about our workshops?

Leo has made a lot of progress! He also really enjoys Laura’s classes. Leo always likes coming to class because she is very cheerful and patient! Leo有很多进步而且他非常喜欢Laura老师的课!Leo每次喜欢上课因为老师的性格开朗,有耐心。

Lizhi Parent from China

She is perfect tutor for kids. Her communication with childs is perfect. Her lessons so enjoyful and educative. She is painstaking person. She is planning and preparing each lessons carefully. I highly suggest her for your kids.

Hilal Parent from Turkey

My daughter is 8 years old. She likes lessons with Alice very much! Alice is patient, kind and great tutor! We are so glad to meet Alice. She is well professional at her work. My 8 yo Alex always enjoy to study with her and said it was so much fun. She is making sure that the students understand her.

Kristina Parent from Russia

Hugo很喜欢Laura老师的课因为Laura老师非常有热情! Hugo在发音上有进步 Hugo really likes Teacher Laura because she is an incredibly enthusiastic teacher! Hugo has made a lot of progress in his pronunciation.

Yidan Parent from China

My daughter and I were really impressed right from the beginning with Alice’s fun and positivity. My daughter actively looks forward to her lesson and certainly doesn’t see it like work, albeit her writing and pronunciation have improved greatly.

John Parent from France

Jamie really likes Teacher Laura’s classes because of Laura’s smile, her patience, the fact that she does not criticise and her friendly nature. Teacher Laura is the best teacher that I have ever come across! Jamie 特别喜欢Laura老师的课因为她喜欢Laura老师的笑,耐心,不批评人,友善. 感觉Laura老师是我遇到的最好的老师!

Elle Parent from China

    What makes us different from other online English schools for children?

    We don't teach grammar!

    We help your child learn English through communication, projects, and exploration!

    All learning is authentic...

    ...meaning that we introduce English through real-life situations your child might themselves in.

    We are all about immersion...

    ...which means that we speak exclusively in English and we will not use other languages!

    We adapt every lesson to fit...

    the language level, the needs, and interests of your child! We will create lessons specifically for your child!

    Here comes a free trial + 100 free ESL materials


    Payment plans & types of language workshops

    1 month

    3 months




    8 individual workshops


    $20 per 1-hour lesson

    Specialized individual


    8 individual workshops


    $25 per 1-hour lesson



    8 group workshops


    $6 per 50-min workshop



    24 individual workshop


    $20 per 1-hour lesson
    no change in the price

    Specialized individual


    24 individual workshops


    $22 per 1-hour lesson
    $72 total savings



    24 group workshops


    $5 per 50-minute workshop
    $24 total savings

    Ready to join us?

    ELLoquent bonuses!

    Last but not least, here are some bonuses we offer to all of our students!

    A real community

    A social media-like community where you and your child can communicate with other families.

    Free materials

    All of the materials we use in our lessons will be provided to you for free for as long as you learn with us!

    Engaging homework

    Super fun home tasks that don’t even feel like homework – projects, interactive practice, and games!

    Free learning app

    A free learning app for your whole family – you can learn English for free with the tasks we share!