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Have you ever struggled to find a school where your child will actually like to learn English?

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Have you ever asked your child how was the lesson, only to hear 'Hah, it was ok'?

If the answers to the questions above are YES, peek into a face-to-face storytelling session from the magical land of ELLoquent! The same session can be done online as well.

Join is in our fun and interactive online workshops!

Explore the video on the left side to have a sneak peek of a group lesson for children with over 60 children! Alice was selected as one of the best teachers among 4000+ teachers on her previous teaching position and did these lessons at the beginning of the pandemic.

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What do students say about Alice's language workshops?


had more than 2700 lessons and workshops with kids online since 2015!

Alice is a preschool teacher and an English teacher specialized in teaching young learners. She has a Bachelors’ and a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education. 

How does Alice teach?

We use themes your child selects

A lot od dramatization

Storytelling and games

grammar learning

How is your child's progress measured?


Starters, Pre-A1

Movers, A1

Flyers, A2

Payment plans & types of language workshops


8 group language workshops
$ 5 per single 45-minute workshop. monthly package 40$
  • 7 paid, 1 free workshop
  • Up to 15 children in one group
  • Monthly theme
  • Working on listening, reading, speaking, writing, critical thinking, and creativity
  • 1 free group workshop
  • Access to a group classroom - learning continues after the class


8 individual language workshops
$ 20 per single 1-hour workshop. renews every month. monthly package 140$
  • 7 paid, 1 free workshop
  • 30-minute booking for younger children available (10$ per 30-minute session)
  • 10 programs
  • over 80 available workshop themes tailored to your child
  • 1 free individual workshop
  • Access to a group classroom - learning continues after the class

What makes us different from other English schools for children?

Not ready to commit yet?

We have 4 free monthly group workshops with different topics and designed for different ages. To see the past topics and learn how can you apply, you can click on the free workshop link on the top of the page.

... and after the free online workshops, join our affordable group workshops!

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