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ESL teacher with a Bachelors and Masters degree

  ✓ Years of experience

8 years of experience in the online English classroom with kids

  ✓ Fully gamified

curriculum with a high level of interactivity and real video games

  ✓ CLIL method

where English is taught through other subjects and language skills


online English lessons and workshops with kids since 2015!

What makes us different from other online English schools for children?

We don't teach grammar!

We help your child learn English by speaking, projects, and exploring!

All learning is authentic...

...meaning that we introduce English through real-life situations your child might themselves in.

We are all about immersion...

...which means that we speak exclusively in English and we will not use other languages!

We adapt every lesson to fit...

the language level, the needs, and interests of your child! We will create lessons specifically for your child!

Award-winning materials designed by us

Our teacher Alice has won a materials designer award in 2023 from Twinkl, one of the biggest educational organization who makes materials in the world. Our classroom materials are award-winning and we cannot be more proud to keep making amazing materials for your little ones!

Two types of classroom: Interactive classroom & game classroom

Level 1: ELLoquent interactive classroom - - all materials designed by us


Level 2: ELLoquent game classroom - all game worlds designed by us


What do parents and children say about us?

*We started with Trustpilot reviews in February 2023, so the number of reviews will slowly grow!

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