Let’s talk Disney – What are your favorite movies? Group Lesson for Young Learners

Hello, my dear colleagues! In this post, I will summarize my reflections after teaching six public webinar-based lessons for children on Preply. I was proud to be one of the few tutors selected to do these webinars among 4000+ tutors who are teaching English on Preply. The lessons were free for the children, but the tutors were paid, despite the fact that we all applied to teach for free, as volunteers. Preply decided to pay for the lessons, probably as a reward for our desire to give back to children who are in need of learning opportunities at the moment.

Read more about the webinars in general in the link below.

The lesson flow & class moderation

The lesson was based on communication, specifically using written communication, as all webinar-based lessons.

When it comes to classroom management, it is important to acknowledge the presence of all students in the webinar. This is accomplished by reading their answers from the chatbox frequently, praising them, and reading their names. The students are extremely active and I get around 100 messages per minute! If this happens in your large group lesson, make sure to praise the students by their name equally, so that you do not forget anyone.

The lesson materials were supplied by Preply and there were around 60 students present. 

Activity examples – Screenshots of some pages in the presentation

As you can see in the screenshots, we discussed Disney movies, and the children were excited each time I turned a new page because they couldn’t wait for their favorite movie to come up!

I didn’t use any kind of supplemental props in this lesson, only my knowledge and love for Disney movies!

In this lesson we learned about:

  1. Different kind of characters in stories and fairy tales;
  2. History of Disney movies;
  3. Summary of various popular Disney films;
  4. Using the prediction skills in the text to guess the information;
  5. Reading comprehension.

Watch the lesson recording below

What do you think about the webinar-based lessons with large groups? Has your child ever participated in one? Please write down in the comments, I would love to know your opinion!

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