Creative Writing with Harry Potter: Me in the Story

Hi, there, dear parents! Here’s an example of a creative writing essay we did recently.

I love giving out this kind of homework because the kids rarely feel it as if it was actually homework.

This creative writing essay included adding yourself to Harry Potter as if you were one of the main characters!

I will be sharing the original student text below + my simple corrections.

📌The original text:

Sollina: Sollina love’s animal and spels. She’s kind and intelligent. Sollina rideses alot (anglai and japanis and franch). She’s have long black hair, Wehre’s a hat (somme times) She’s skade of spiders. her favorite spels are ”Licio and patronus.” her patronus is a cat and her Wande is made frome ”licorne hair.” her favorite colorses are ”gren and Yellow”

📌Teacher corrections:

Sollina: Sollina LOVES animal and SPELLS. She’s kind and intelligent. Sollina RIDES A LOT (ENGLISH, JAPANESE, AND FRENCH). She HAS long black hair, AND WEARS SOMETIMES. She’s SCARED of spiders. her favorite SPELLS are Accio and Patronus. HER Patronus is a cat and her WAND is made FROM UNICORN hair. Her favorite COLORS are GREEN and yellow.

Some comments and things to pay attention to:

RIDES A LOT? I am not sure what this part means. 🙂
The sentences should always start with a capital letter.
Words that have capital letters can only be proper nouns (names of people, locations, brands, etc.)
Words to add as sight words to remember their spelling: SPELLS, ENGLISH, JAPANESE, FRENCH, WEARS SOMETIMES, SCARED, WAND, UNICORN, COLORS, GREEN.
There are some other corrections, but you were still great Sola ♥ Keep working and you will get better! ♥

And yes, this little essay is magical and shows so much potential, far beyond some simple mistakes, it shows creativity and the ability to imagine yourself in a magical word, absolutely different from your own. ✏️😊

What do you think about our little homework task?

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