A magical world of storytelling

What secrets lie in the book pages?

Theme list for the ''Magical World of Storytelling'' ages 5+

The storytelling program includes the following books (every book is marked with a number that represents the age group the book is for):


The activities are

The workshop themes can be adapted for all ages from 6 to 12 years old

The workshop themes can be adapted for all ages from 6 to 12 years old, but when you let your child select a theme, please make sure to book a workshop that fits your child’s level.

Do not book a story that does not fit your child’s age because your child will not be able to learn the words, or understand the grammar in the book, along with the overall story.

Some books can be adapted, but most of them can’t be used below the age of the child pointed out with the list below. 

The books that are for 6 years old and up are for children who started learning English in preschool. If this is the first year your child started learning English, the books are not suitable for your child’s level. 

Please ask Alice if you have any questions about selecting an appropriate book, and she will help you find a book that will fit your child’s level.

Individual VS. group workshops and selecting a workshop theme

The main difference between the individual and the group workshops is that the group workshops are booked by the teacher, and the individual workshops allow the student to book a time they want.

Another difference is that the group workshops have a monthly theme selected by the teacher, and the children will be placed in a group that fits their language level, while in the individual workshops the learner can select a theme they like and that interactive workshop material will be adapted to fit the child’s level and preferences.


one of my interactive digital materials!

Explore the magical world of an angry boy and see some of the digital activities from the The Mood Hoover by Paul Brown, illustrated by Rowena Blyth.