About Alice

Alice Milica

Founder, ESL and preschool teacher, teacher trainer

Alice Milica is a preschool teacher and an English teacher who specialized in teaching young learners. She has a B.ECEd. (Bachelors’ degree in Early Childhood Education), and an M.ECEd. (Masters’ Degree in Early Childhood Education), with an additional course to her Master’s degree in TEYL – Teaching English to Young Learners.
GPA in Master studies in English Teaching Methodology for Young Learners
years of online teaching​
hours on teaching on Preply, rating 4.90​
hours of teaching on Engoo, rating 5.00​

Listen to my story

If you are interested to hear the story of my teaching journey and why I became teacher, watch the video.

Other experience in the education field

I have been teaching online for a long time, and I love using storytelling, drama, environmental education & digital tools in my lessons. My biggest passions are environmental education and distance learning.

I am a teacher trainer at Erasmus+ Courses Primera, Slovenia, freelance WordPress designer for education, and I also design materials for young learners available for FREE at materials.aliceinmethodologyland.com

In my free time, I volunteer online with the Granny Cloud where I have sessions with children from India and Greenland.

Last, but not least, despite being an early childhood educator, I also teach adults. I am an online ESL teacher – Head of Language Studies and an Instructional designer in B.Y.Mafit IELTS center in Nigeria, where we won the award for the best IELTS center in Africa 3 years in a row!


Connect with me

I am very active on my social media related to teaching so you can find me on Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook, all on my teacher nonprofit organization Alice in Methodologyland.

P.S. Children call me Alice, since Alice is my middle name and I love Alice in Wonderland. 

If you connect, you will be able to see what do I do in my other classes as well!

I also share a lot of free educational materials that you can print out and use with your child at home if you are learning English independently or if you are homeschooling. Sharing is caring!