Animal kingdom

What secrets lie in the animal kingdom of our planet?

Theme list for the ''Animal Kingdom'' program

The animal kingdom program includes:


The activities are

The workshop themes can be adapted for all ages from 6 to 12 years old

The lesson themes can be adapted for all ages from 5 to 12 years old, but when you let your child select a theme, please make sure to ask your child if he/she is aware of that animal and knows its name in their native language. The programs are made to be selected by children, not parents to make sure that the children are completely engaged.

The workshop themes can be used with any ages because:

How is your child's progress measured?


Starters, Pre-A1

Movers, A1

Flyers, A2

Individual VS. group workshops and selecting a workshop theme

The main difference between the individual and the group workshops is that the group workshops are booked by the teacher, and the individual workshops allow the student to book a time they want.

Another difference is that the group workshops have a monthly theme selected by the teacher, and the children will be placed in a group that fits their language level, while in the individual workshops the learner can select a theme they like and that interactive workshop material will be adapted to fit the child’s level and preferences.


one of my interactive digital materials!

This material combines learning about the animal kingdom and storytelling.