Announcement: Teacher Alice has been awarded 1st place as a teacher creator by Twinkl Singapore

Hello, my dear colleagues!

Alice here! I want to personally thank you for voting for me in the Teacher Creator competition by Twinkl, and I am also grateful that you keep coming back to our school!

This is a special announcement post with a message from Suci Amalia Dartiana from Twinkl.

Sharing Twinkl’s press release about the competition

Revolutionizing Education: Meet the Visionary Winners of The Teacher Creator Awards 2023!

Recognized as a teacher playing a key role in shaping the future of education in this Era, Milica Alice Vukadin, Sophia Xiong, and Melissa Taylor have become the winners of the Twinkl Teacher Creator Awards 2023.

Milica, a preschool teacher and ESL instructor for children (3-12 years old). She is also the founder of “Alice in Methodologyland” and the school director of “ELLoquent,” an online English school for children. Her innovative teaching methods prioritize inclusivity and engage learners through gaming, storytelling, and science, using CLIL techniques. She has designed over 200 digital and printable materials, paying special attention to accessibility and neurodiverse child features. As a mother to a neurodiverse child, she navigates both life and teaching while learning to address challenges related to ADHD.

Milica has garnered an impressive lead as the most-voted nominee in this year’s esteemed Teacher Creator Awards, organized by Twinkl Singapore.

Trailing closely behind, Sophia secures the second position, while Melissa takes a well-deserved third place in this highly competitive event.

Sophia is a founder of and brings nearly 20 years of teaching experience across various countries and age groups. As a dedicated educator, she supports teachers and parents worldwide in facilitating Mandarin Chinese learning for children, sharing ideas, resources, and ready-to-use materials on her website and YouTube channel, Chinese4kidsnet. Her expertise and passion make her a trusted resource in Mandarin Chinese education.

Melissa Taylor, M.Ed, boasts an illustrious background as a former educator and literacy trainer, now recognized as a distinguished mother of two, esteemed blogger, children’s book authority, and accomplished freelance writer. Notably, she has conceived and penned the widely acclaimed children’s book review blog, Imagination Soup. Twinkl believes that digital creators play a fundamental role in the future development of Education and, therefore, as a publishing house, it rewards excellence in the field.

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Twinkl was founded in 2010 by husband and wife Jonathan and Susie Seaton, with a mission ‘to help those who teach’. The company provides high-quality, online learning materials and services that are teacher-created and checked. Twinkl offers over 1,026,150 resources, with new content added daily. This ranges from schemes of work and assessments to augmented reality games and much more. Twinkl is used and trusted by schools and educators in over 200 countries and regions, including primary and secondary school teachers, nursery workers, and parents.

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Final thank you – I want to thank everyone who voted and everyone who keeps supporting our school!

Teacher Alice

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