Young Learners: Learning English through Music and Movement – Songs are not Just a Warm-up!

Why is music important? Is it useful just in the warm-up part of the lesson, or it can be the focus of our lesson? Keep reading to find out how I facilitated an engaging music workshop. Let’s see what is learning English through music all about! I’ve had the pleasure to facilitate a workshop on ELTA YL SIG Day: Game on! Engaging Young Learners conference. I will write a reflection about the conference and other workshops I attended in a

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Exploring the Environment with Young Learners: 10 Online, Face to Face & Activities for Parents

Hello, my dear colleagues! I am so happy to collaborate with British Council once again, and this time I will present with Owain from ELT Sustainable! We will talk about our favorite topic: environmental education and learning English! This post is an additional material with 10 activities for the people who will be present in the live session simply because we won’t have too much time to describe everything we want. On the other hand, this article may be great

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30 DIY Low-Waste Montessori Activities for Your Preschool or Home

You’ve probably heard a lot of things about the Montessori method, and if you search it online, you will see a lot of pricey wooden toys and a variety of didactic material you need to purchase. However, you can apply this method with the things you already have at home. Keep reading to find out how can you incorporate Montessori-driven activities in your home or at the play corners in preschool. The basic idea of Montessori pedagogy is to encourage

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Daily and Weekly Rituals And Activities In Our Classroom

Many preschool teachers are fond of daily rituals and they use them consistently, but on the other hand, many teachers find them tedious and they stop using them after a certain period of time. These rituals are indeed important, but they are useless if teachers don’t enjoy them as well. This post is about daily classroom rituals which we will try to use in the following school year.  Classroom rituals develop a sense of routine and establish a connection between

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