Learning at home

Do-it-yourself Educational Toys From Our Classroom You Can Also Make At Home with Your Child

Hi, there, dear parents! We constantly make DIY toys and play together in our online classroom. Many of you have asked for ideas and we have compiled a collection of almost 100 DIY toys you can make at home for almost free! You mostly need some basic crafting supplies like glue and paint, and recyclables, of course. If you decide to make any of these, make sure to show us the games in the classroom so we can use them

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Young Learners: Learning English through Music and Movement – Songs are not Just a Warm-up!

Why is music important? Is it useful just in the warm-up part of the lesson, or it can be the focus of our lesson? Keep reading to find out how I facilitated an engaging music workshop. Let’s see what is learning English through music all about! I’ve had the pleasure to facilitate a workshop on ELTA YL SIG Day: Game on! Engaging Young Learners conference. I will write a reflection about the conference and other workshops I attended in a

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30 DIY Low-Waste Montessori Activities for Your Preschool or Home

You’ve probably heard a lot of things about the Montessori method, and if you search it online, you will see a lot of pricey wooden toys and a variety of didactic material you need to purchase. However, you can apply this method with the things you already have at home. Keep reading to find out how can you incorporate Montessori-driven activities in your home or at the play corners in preschool. The basic idea of Montessori pedagogy is to encourage

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The Best Storytelling Websites – Reading and Creating Books

Hello, my dear colleagues and parents! As you may have noticed before, I am a big fan of guided writing, reading, bibliotherapy, and dramatization. Books for children can be expensive nowadays, and the libraries in schools can be quite small, especially when it comes to books in English. I will list the websites and describe their functions shortly, as usual. Click on the name on the website to be redirected to it. I encourage all teachers to use these free

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