Storytelling-based Learning- Workshop 4: Class Two at the Zoo by Julia Jarman, illustrated by Lynne Chapman

Hello, my dear colleagues! We finally kick-started our storytelling-based program and our first official story is Class Two at the Zoo by Julia Jarman. As a real enthusiast of storytelling, I’ve decided to create a storytelling-based learning curriculum which will be conducted in the form of a workshop. Storytelling-based learning or narrative-based learning is not something we see in everyday practice. This method focuses on learning languages through literature, using storytelling at an early age. This curriculum is for 2nd,

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Storytelling Methodology for Young Learners: Activities & an Example Lesson Plan

Hello, my dear colleagues! This post will discuss storytelling methodology according to Shin and Crandall (2014) and showcase successful examples of storytelling, along with using digital tools. Storytelling should be used as often as possible in the ESL classroom, but in our country almost no one uses it. The main reason for this is that requires a lot of planning, and a lot of educators avoid authentic materials that are not part of the textbook. How can you select an

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