Competition 1: Life of Kids in 2050 – Teenage Superheroes & Video Game Developers

Dear parents, this post will be short, but sweet! I can’t be more proud of all the work my students have put into this story and poster.

Three kids from different countries came together and collaboratively designed this world together. πŸ€—β€οΈ

After a lot of work, we sent the poster to a competition ⚑✍️ The topic was the life of teenage kids in the year 2050, so let’s learn more about it and see our final version!

The topic of the competition

The Social Fiction Design Competition is an exciting global competition looking for students and young people to re-imagine and create for themselves a world without social problems. 

The Yunus Centre challenges you to imagine the life of a young person in the world of 2050. What kind of world do you want to live in? If you imagine it, you can make it happen. Take real social challenges and share your fictional solutions. Get creative and express yourself by writing, illustration, rhetoric, cinematography, animation, or poster presentation.

What is social fiction?

Social Fiction is a creative and imaginative idea. Social Fiction relates to creating ideas, thoughts or processes that affect the social context. If we start thinking about social fiction, like science fiction, we will trigger social innovation that will help us create the economy, the society and the world we want to live in. If we imagine it, one day reality will follow.

The Social Fiction Design Competition is looking for innovative and thought-provoking social fiction that will open our minds to give a fresh perspective on how we can operate in a transformative, sustainable and equitable world.

The story

🌟Here is how their future world works:

In the year 2050, teenagers have become superheroes because the air pollution made all children mutate. They love being superheroes, and they have used this power to protect their light cities. They have used their superior intelligence to make real video games where when you play, you really enter a video game. This helped many people feel happy and their wellbeing improved because the nature was ruined, and in those video games, they could walk through nature and feel it like it’s real. In their world, there are also villains, but that is a whole other story…

Poster layer 1

Vuk and Val, two students from Serbia have made the backdrop of the city together – it was done on an A3 paper, so it’s pretty big!

Poster layer 2

Alex, our student from Russia, drew the teenagers from this futuristic time to resemble video game characters and anime characters. So talented!

The final poster

The final poster combined their work and added the story, along with a small spelling mistake because it really doesn’t matter, does it?

To conclude

The children spent ours desiginig their poster, but they came up with a story in less than 10 minutes! This just goes to show how children learn amazingly through collaboration and communication, and the results are even better if their creative skills are required.

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