Bonus: Our interactive online classroom because the learning does not stop after the workshop!

Easy login and sign-up

The parent and the child can sign up to the class via a QR code or a regular 4-digit code given by the teacher.

Communicating with parents

The app has an integrated communication tool that allows easy, free messaging.

Completely private and safe

Only the parent and the teacher can see the child’s work and information. 

Instantly translate messages into 30+ languages

The messages between the parent and the teacher can be translated in 30+ languages which removes the language barrier.

Shows quiet time (when the teacher is not available)

The parent can communicate with the teacher only when the teacher is available.

Digital portfolios

Every child gets a digital portfolio – a collection of the materials we used in the class + all of the work/tasks that the child completed so far.

Classes according to your child's age

Every child will be placed in an online classroom according to their level and age and it will be able to communicate with other children.

Classroom story

By using the classroom story, we can instantly share photos, videos, and announcements, or privately message any parent. 

Activities after the class

Children will continue to learn even after the class is over by being in Alice’s online classroom and completing the activities.


Children will get a chance to get fun homework and submit drawings, worksheets, videos and photos.

Works on iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, and on any computer​

The classroom app is available on all major devices – it is recommended that parents install an app, preferably on the childs’ and your phone as well to encourage learning.

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