Group monthly workshops

Join our


monthly workshops


1 month, 8 workshops


$10 per 50-minute workshop


3 months, 24 workshops


$9 per 50-minute workshop
24$ savings
  • Monthly theme
  • 6 children in one group
  • Learning continues after the workshops in our online community
  • Reading, listening, speaking and writing
  • Creativity and critical thinking
  • Free learning materials and games from our live class
  • Free storybooks

Group workshops FAQ

The teacher will send a survey to all parents and find a suitable time that will suit the children, minding the time zones of the students who applied. The workshops happen in the early or late afternoon, depending on the teacher.

The topics will be listed on this page every month, but your child will practice all four language skills (speaking, listening, reading, writing) regardless of the monthly topic. The workshops are for children aged 5-12.

The maximum number of students in one group is 5, as we prefer to have small groups.

Yes, the children will get a diploma they can use as proof of extracurricular activities.

Benefits of the group workshops


Group lessons offer more chances for student communication and the teacher talks less.


In group classes the students are immersed in language and they often help each other.


In group lessons, the students have group tasks and they often have to work together.

Critical thinking

Group settings offer opportunities for play and discussion with other students we cannot have in an individual lesson.

Some of our past group workshop themes

Super-hero and anime
Game-on! February
January Funuary

Award-winning materials designed by us

Our teacher Alice has won a materials designer award in 2023 from Twinkl, one of the biggest educational organization who makes materials in the world. Our classroom materials are award-winning and we cannot be more proud to keep making amazing materials for your little ones!

We have 2 types of classrooms: Interactive classroom & game classroom

Level 1: ELLoquent interactive classroom

In the interactive classroom, we use gamified & clickable materials to make the children engaged and focused!

Level 2: ELLoquent game classroom

*Teacher Alice’s  and Teacher Laura’s game classroom avatars

In the game classroom we develop all 4 language skills + creativity in critical thinking by building our own world!