Summer camps with Laura and Alice

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✨Let’s check out Laura’s fun phonic program:

  • MONDAY: Tricky spelling – When to use C or K with cat and kite crafts!
  • TUESDAY: Tricky sounds – ai, oe, ee, igh – Bingo time!
  • WEDNESDAY: Stinky, Scary and Funny! ay, wh, ey, ph, ew! Sounds cartoons with phase 5 phonics.
  • THURSDAY: Pronunciation camp – Making and writing with invisible ink.

✨Harry Potter Magic, level 1 with Alice

  • MONDAY: Storytelling and creating Dobby’s sock
  • TUESDAY: Creating butter beer – a magical cocktail workshop
  • WEDNESDAY: Magical science: Hogwarts cup potion competition
  • THURSDAY: Hogwarts escape room

✨How about some summer cooking with Laura?

  • MONDAY: The adventure of homemade ice cream!
  • TUESDAY: Pizza Palooza: Master the Art of Pizza
  • WEDNESDAY: Pudding paradise: Oreo and avocado pudding
  • THURSDAY: Gummy bear boba: Bubble tea experiment

✨Harry Potter Magic Engineering, level 2 with Alice (you can take just program 1 or just two, it’s not needed to complete 1 to continue to 2)

  • MONDAY: Designing the Harry Potter game world and the characters
  • TUESDAY: Building the virtual world: Level 1, foundations and outlines
  • WEDNESDAY: Building the world: Level 2, insides and details
  • THURSDAY: Designing the mystery story and adding textual and visual elements to make a Harry Potter magical quest within the virtual world.
  • A WEEK AFTER THE PROGRAM, FRIDAY Gameplay workshop with parents and friends – Open class with visitors!

* This is an extra free class for parents and friends to come and visit the virtual world and play the game. Only the game designers will participate as active players, while the others can watch us as we ‘stream’.


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