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The magical world of storytelling (6-12 years old)

Learn English through magical stories, interactive tasks, and dramatizing.
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Animal kingdom (6-12 years old)

Explore the wonders of the animal kingdom and learn English.
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Act local, think global (7-12 years old)

Act local, think global program deals with environmental education and protection through fun, explorative projects.
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Little chefs (4-12 years old)

Learn to cook simple meals and explore food from different cultures.
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World travel (7-12 years old)

Learn English while also learning the secrets of the world's most beautiful places!
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I can be an actor too (5-12 years old)

Move your body, learn about emotions, and improvise in English!
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Artsy English (5-12 years old)

Be a little artist, learn about different art techniques and styles, paint, cut, and have fun in this English program.
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I can be a designer too: WordPress design (9-12 years old)

You love to browse websites and explore online? If the answer is yes, this program may be for you!
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Travel back in time (8-12 years old)

Walk through history and use your English knowledge to learn about the cultures from the past.
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Game animation and block coding: Scratch (9-12 years old)

Want to be a little coder and make your own easy games? Book lessons from this program!
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Little curious cats (3-7 years old)

Program for very young children, aged 3 to 7, who are just starting to learn English!
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How is your child's progress measured?


Starters, Pre-A1

Movers, A1

Flyers, A2


meets kids where they are.

Teaching method: The ELLoquent way

Using themes your child selects

A lot od dramatization

Storytelling and games

grammar learning

Upcoming programs

Individual VS. group workshops and selecting a workshop theme

The main difference between the individual and the group workshops is that the group workshops are booked by the teacher, and the individual workshops allow the student to book a time they want.

Another difference is that the group workshops have a monthly theme selected by the teacher, while in the individual workshops the learner can select a theme they like and that interactive workshop material will be adapted to fit the child’s level.