When you purchase an individual subscription, if possible, book all of the workshops in advance so that you reserve your time.

NOTE: If you are not able to book, it means that your subscription has expired. You can book only 8 workshops per month.

If you have a 3-month package you can still book only 8 workhsops per month.

You must book all of the workshops before the subscription expires since the subscription cannot be transferred to another month.


You can cancel the workshop 12 hours before the booked time, after that the workshop is counted as conducted.

Programs are designed and carefully tailored to your child. Missing a workshop wastes the teacher’s time. How?

The teacher loses a time slot that cannot be filled in less than 12 hours because many students book days/weeks in advance and the teacher loses time taken to develop the individualized interactive digital material for your child.

After you cancel, inform the teacher via the live chat button immediately, so you can arrange a new lesson time. Thank you for your understanding!