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Core curriculum

Little curious cats (3-7 years old)

Level 1 units

  1. All about me, alphabet & colors + shapes
  2. I know my body
  3. Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle- Fruit, food, days of the week
  4. I can get dressed & seasons (introduction to seasons)
  5. All about my house
  6. Meet my family (shorter unit)
  7. All about my house: I am a chef
  8. I like to play with my toys
  9. I can be a farmer too 
  10. I love pets: A visit to a veterinary hospital
  11. My birthday (done in the birthday week) can fit any level.

Level 2 units

  1. What’s the weather like today?
  2. Let’s visit the zoo animals
  3. I love vegetables! Food farm & plant care
  4. I can run fast: Verbs & sports
  5. Let’s talk about professions: Community helpers
  6. All of the things in my city
  7. Wheels of the bus (transportation)
  8. I can talk about my feelings
  9. The jungle is amazing
  10. My five senses

Level 3 units

  1. I have many hobbies
  2. At the restaurant
  3. At the supermarket
  4. At the farmer’s market
  5. Trees are magical
  6. Can we meet the forest animals?
  7. I love plants 
  8. I love to travel 
  9. All about recycling

Seasonal units

  1. Let’s explore Halloween – culture & customs (no religion)
  2. Let’s explore Christmas – culture & customs (no religion)
  3. The 4 seasons & weather: I love spring!
  4. The 4 seasons & weather: I love summer!
  5. The 4 seasons & weather: I love fall!
  6. The 4 seasons & weather: I love winter!

Each unit in all of the levels (level 1, 2, 3, seasonal themes, and additional themes) consist of the following things (all related to the themes):

  1. One 3d game world with practical tasks.
  2. Multiple printable materials.
  3. One or two core digital materials.
  4. Multiple games for review and practice.
  5. One big grammar and vocabulary collection from the unit.
  6. One science workshop.
  7. One LEGO engineering workshop.
  8. One storytelling workshop
  9. One cooking workshop.
  10. One art workshop.
  11. Multiple 3D block engineering workshops where the students build their own worlds to learn and review the content.

Alice's specialized programs

Creative writing (6-12)
  1. Developing your own fantasy world, workshop 1
  2. Learning how to develop a character
  3. Learning how to develop a story setting, workshop 2 – continuing and adding to in based on the character we developed
  4. Learning about basic creative writing structure
  5. Writing a short fantasy story – 1st draft done together in class
  6. Doing an imaginary news report
  7. Writing a short symbolic 100-word story
  8. Writing an opinion piece about a topic
  9. Writing a 3-chapter fantasy book – 3 sessions
  10. Create a digital book – drawings or AI generated illustrations

The activities include:

  1. A lot of guided learning in the workshops to learn about fundamental writing skills.
  2. Joint planning and pre-writing discussions. 
  3. Live style, grammar and structure feedback and discussing further progress.
  4. Focuses not only on the writing, but also on developing 21st-century skills such as creativity, learner autonomy, and resilience.
Harry Potter book club

The full material units and detailed curriculum aims (vocabulary and grammar for each lesson) cover all 7 Harry Potter books.

The activities include:

  1. A lot of guided learning in the workshops to learn about fundamental reading skills.
  2. Creative writing, science, and art-themed Harry Potter activities,
  3. Live style, grammar and structure feedback and discussing further progress.
  4. Focuses not only on the reading, but also on developing 21st-century skills such as creativity, learner autonomy, and resilience.
Fun & science (5-12 years old)

Lesson topics range from exploring noise pollution, climate change and deforestation, all the way to designing an eco-friendly smart house, and much more!

Act local, think global program deals with environmental education and protection through fun, explorative projects.

It is STEM-based and focused on building environmental awareness and problem solving using science, technology, engineering, and math.​

How is your child's English level measured?

Cambridge English levels for children – after these basic levels, your child can get ready for the higher levels – PET, KET, FCE, CAE


Starters, pre-A1

Movers, A1

Flyers, A2

How is my curriculum structured?

Alice has 2 types of classrooms: Interactive classroom & game classroom

Level 1: ELLoquent interactive classroom

In the interactive classroom, we use gamified & clickable materials to make the children engaged and focused!

Level 2: ELLoquent game classroom

*Teacher Alice’s and game classroom avatar

In the game classroom we develop all 4 language skills + creativity in critical thinking by building our own world! 

What do you and your child get in the individual lessons?


Individualized approach and adapted curriculum for each student depending on their level


Total immersion, meaning that we speak English and only English - even if your child's level is low


The focus is on hands-on learning, practical activities and many interactive games


Reading, listening, speaking and writing language skills done at the same time


Real-life skills - Collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking


Science, arts and crafts, game engineering, LEGO model engineering in a themed curriculum


Student portfolio where you get screenshots and a summary of EVERY lesson so you're always informed of our progress


Family and parent support to build relationships and to help parents play in English with the children after class

What are some real-life English skills your child can develop in an individual classroom?


Your child has the teacher’s full attention and can develop creativity and creative thinking skills through hands-on activities and game engineering.


Your child has a chance to explore different cultures through the long-term curriculum through videos, discussion, storybooks, and chatting with other individual students in our chat project.

Digital and visual literacy

Your child can learn how to use different technologies and devices while also acquiring a sense of visual literacy through my carefully designed learning materials, which will boost their media literacy later.

Critical thinking

Your child has an opportunity to express their wishes, ideas, and thoughts, and they can develop their critical thinking skills from the ground up in each unit.

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