Superhero & Anime Month: Me as a Superhero Activities and More

Hi, my dear parents!

March 2022 is our superhero and anime month and we have done some super fun activities so far! We will share some activities we did in this post, and also the materials we designed which you can use at home. The worksheet at the bottom of this article is designed by Alice, and no redistribution or use except personal use (printing in at home for your child) is not allowed.

Grammar and word order with a Batman interactive video

The Batman interactive video has 13 questions and the kids need to listen in order to be able to answer the questions correctly, so we are incorporating some listening skills along with grammar. The word order practice gets a bit harder and close to the end you will get some longer sentences. Test it out at home, you don’t have to know the correct answers, the video is interactive and it will be graded automatically, so the answers will be shown immediately.

DC comics generator

One of the activities our kids in the group lesson loved is to make a short story on the DC comics generator. It was easy even for the kids who can’t read, and they actually offer a lot of backgrounds, real comic book exclamations + each character has multiple positions. Here is the wordless comic we made – I had to compress it since the file was huge – the original has much better quality!

Click here to go to the DC comic generator and make a wordless comic with all the DC characters (Green Lantern, Batman, Superman, Flash, etc.) Since it’s wordless, even the little ones who can read can easily navigate since it has buttons with icons.

Me as a superhero

The final activity in this post is the Me as a superhero worksheet with 3 pages and at least an hour of fun and discussion. Your child needs to make up their own superhero, and then fill all the boxes by drawing. Go ahead and chat about each question and have them describe what they drew and why – the answers will probably be more interesting than you expected to hea

We hope you will have fun with these activities and your time together! Playing in English with your child at home is one of the most effective ways to improve their language. If you liked this sneak peek from our classroom, explore our programs and consider joining us in our content-based, interactive workshops for children. Click here to explore all our programs!

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